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University Fellowships

University Fellowships are awarded at admission to entering students on the basis of merit and recommendations made by individual departments.  Students awarded a University Fellowship may not accept any other award without the permission of the appropriate Associate Dean and/or the program department.

Ph.D. Students

The Graduate School provides all doctoral students with a full tuition fellowship, hospitalization fellowship and a minimum level of stipend support of $30,250 for five years upon matriculation. In most departments the source of stipend support will change after the first or second year of study to a teaching fellowship or research assistantship.  Students do not receive more than the standard departmental stipend while teaching.

Students awarded a University Fellowship may not accept any other award without the permission of the appropriate associate dean. The Graduate School is the final authority on University Fellowships and any combination of University funding with other sources of financial aid (see External Fellowships and Combined Award Policy).

Unless otherwise noted in the letter of admission, students are expected to register on a full-time basis. Part-time employment at the University or elsewhere should not conflict with the obligations of the degree program or interfere with academic progress. International students must consult the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) regarding their eligibility for employment while in the United States. Part-time employment beyond an average of ten hours per week requires permission of the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) in consultation with the appropriate Dean.

Yale Health Basic Coverage is provided at no cost to students enrolled at least half-time in M.A., M.S., and Ph.D. programs. Unless you waive the coverage you are automatically enrolled and billed for Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage (see Student Handbook). Eligible Ph.D. students will receive a Health fellowship, which covers the full cost of the single-student Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage (including coverage for prescriptions), half the cost of the two-person coverage, and the full cost for family coverage. Ph.D. students who do not participate in Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage will not be provided with Health Awards.