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Graduate School Alumni Association (GSAA)

Graduate School alumni are automatically members of the Graduate School Alumni Association (GSAA) and the Yale Alumni Association (YAA).  There are no dues.

Volunteer to Serve on the GSAA Board

The Graduate School Alumni Association is the alumni leadership board for the Graduate School. The Board meets twice a year in New Haven to support the strategic goals of the Graduate School and to advise the Dean and alumni relations staff on how best to engage Graduate School alumni with Yale.

GSAA leaders also work together to create their own projects to engage alumni, and play an active role in events held for Graduate School alumni in their local regions. Six GSAA officers and members serve on the Wilbur Cross Medal Selection Committee each year.

GSAA members simultaneously serve as delegates to the Yale Alumni Association (YAA) Fall Assembly representing the Graduate School – Click here to see the Assembly website.

Alumni of all eras, academic disciplines, professions and geographic location are represented on the GSAA board. The board consists of 20 alumni members, four officers, four or more ex officio voting members and four non-voting advisory trustees. Terms for members are three years. Six or seven new members are selected by the GSAA each year at their spring meeting from among a list of volunteers.

If you are interested in serving the Graduate School in this capacity, please contact Associate Dean Jasmina Besirevic at

Current members of the Yale Graduate School Alumni Association Board are shown below.

2019-2020 OFFICERS

 Anna Barry '98 Ph.D. Chemistry  
       Chair 2018-2020

Paul Bosco '85 M.S. Engineering and Applied Science  
       Vice Chair 2018-2020

James Shulman '87 BA, '93 Ph.D. Renaissance Studies
       Secretary 2019-2020

Kemal Ciliz '95 MA, International and Development Economics
       Treasurer 2019-2020


Vishal Agrawal '96 MS, Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, '02 MD
       Term Ends 06/2022

Alissa Ardito '04 PhD, Political Science
       Term Ends 06/2022

Edward Balleisen '95 PhD, History
       Term Ends 06/2022

Carmen C. Bambach '88 PhD, Art History
       Term Ends 06/2021

Jenny Carrillo '12 PhD, Clinical Psychology      
       Term Ends 06/2021

Jia Chen '00 PhD, Physics        
       Term Ends 06/2020

Ajay Dhankhar '97 PhD, Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry    
       Term Ends 06/2022

Tarek Fadel ’11 PhD, Engineering & Applied Science  
       Term Ends 06/2022

Osman Haneef '11 MS, International Relations, '11 MBA    
       Term Ends 06/2022

Simon Ingold '07 MA, International Relations      
       Term Ends 06/2021

Shah Karim '81 BA, '87 MA '07 MPhil, Economics      
       Term Ends 06/2021

Petter Kolm '00 PhD, Mathematics       
       Term Ends 06/2021

Christopher Mader '11 PhD, Cell Biology      
       Term Ends 06/2020

Norma Padron '14 PhD, Health Economics      
       Term Ends 06/2021

Jose Raymundo '08 PhD, African American Studies and American Studies  
       Term Ends 06/2020

Ingrid Russell '85 MPhil, Math        
      Term Ends 06/2020

Keerthi Shetty '15 PhD, Immunobiology     
      Term Ends 06/2022

Tavneet Suri '06 PhD, Economics       
      Term Ends 06/2022

Roni Beth Tower '80 PhD, Clinical Psychology      
      Term Ends 06/2021

Carlos Vara Alonso ’93 MA, International and Developmental Economics, ’95 MPPM
      Term Ends 06/22

Alexander Westphal '13 PhD, Investigative Medicine     
      Term Ends 06/2020


Lynn Cooley  
      Dean of the Graduate School

Lucylle Armentano '21 PhD, Psychology 
      Chair, Graduate Student Assembly

Andrew Richter '79 PhD, Sociology   
      Immediate Past Chair

Amy Savage '10 PhD, Epidemiology and Public Health
      YAA Board of Governors


Faustin Carter '15 PhD, Physics

Zlatko Minev ’18 PhD, Applied Physics

Stephen Scher '56 BA, '66 PhD, History of Art

Rosita Thomas '87 PhD, Political Science