Conduct & Grievance Procedures

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences invests in and draws upon the strengths of a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive community of scholars and researchers. This page outlines the support resources and procedures available to GSAS students when there are concerns about our shared community values.

Gate at Humanities Quadrangle

Yale is a lively, diverse community of some 30,000 people: students, faculty, and staff. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is our home within that larger world. As members of this community, we share a responsibility to cultivate an environment in which our academic endeavors and personal lives can thrive. To maintain that environment, we rely on personal conduct and professional integrity grounded in mutual respect and trust. These are our core institutional values.

The Programs & Policies bulletin contains a comprehensive list of the Graduate School's regulations and policies, including our academic integrity and personal conduct standards for students. We strongly encourage you to review it, and we count on you to honor it. 

Should you encounter the need for informal resolution and/or formal disciplinary processes or grievance procedures over the course of your studies, the university and the Graduate School offer a number of resources available to students.

Additional Resources

Title IX Office

The Title IX Office is an important part of Yale’s efforts to foster an environment of respect and belonging, consulting with members of the Yale community about their concerns and questions related to sex- and gender-based discrimination. This includes sexual misconduct, as well as discrimination or harassment on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, non-conformance with gender stereotypes, and parenting or pregnancy status.

SHARE Center

SHARE provides crisis support, advocacy, and referral to on-going care for all members of the Yale community dealing with sexual misconduct of any kind, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, intimate partner violence, and more. SHARE also offers on-going counseling for students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) focused on processing issues related to sexual misconduct.

Discrimination & Harassment Resources

Acts of discrimination and harassment are contrary to the community standards and ideals of our university. If you have experienced discrimination or harassment, been witness to a situation, or just need to talk, we encourage you to seek support. The resources, offices, and individuals highlighted on this site are available to provide guidance and to help you through informal or formal complaint procedures.

Belonging at Yale

Belonging at Yale is the name for the university’s activities to enhance diversity, support equity, and promote an environment of welcome, inclusion, and respect.

Office of LGBTQ Resources

The Yale University Office of LGBTQ Resources is a community center that partners to maintain a coalition of LGBTQ organizations across campus and in the community. Our mission is to support and empower students, faculty, staff, and alumni of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions to strengthen and unite our Yale University community.