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Non-Degree Application Process

In some cases it is possible to enroll at the Graduate School as a non-degree student. Non-degree students receive a transcript and many of the benefits of being a Yale student, but do not earn a degree upon completion of their enrollment. 

We offer three types of non-degree programs:

  • Exchange Scholars - to be eligible, you must be enrolled at an institution that has a formal exchange program with Yale. Exchange Scholars may enroll in courses or participate in research at Yale. 
  • Visiting Assistants in Research (VAR) - if you are an advanced graduate student currently enrolled at another institution and wish to pursue full-time dissertation research at Yale, you may qualify for the VAR program. VARs are not eligible to enroll in courses. 
  • Visiting Students - if you have a bachelor's degree, you may apply to take courses at Yale, with the permission of the program.  


We are happy to assist you with your application. If you have questions, please Contact Us