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Submission Process

Congratulations! You are ready to submit your dissertation. Detailed below is the process you should follow for submission. The step-by-step process duplicates the items found in our Dissertation Submission Checklist. Please note that registered students who submit dissertations will remain registered until the end of the term (i.e., through December for those submitting during the fall term, through May for those submitting before the spring degree deadline, and through August for those submitting after the spring degree deadline).  

Once you have submitted your manuscript, please see the GSAS Commencement page for important information on Commencement schedules, and the required form to indicate how you'd like to receive your diploma when awarded. We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments with many of you, your family members and guests at Commencement.

  1. Review Dissertation Submission Policies in P&P
  2. Review Dissertation Formatting Guide
  3. Confirm Deadline

    Dissertations must be submitted to the Graduate School by the stated deadline in early October to be awarded a degree in December and in mid-March to be awarded a degree in May. Students are responsible for confirming specific deadlines stated in the Graduate School’s academic calendar.

  4. Notify Readers

    At least two weeks in advance of the submission deadline, students must notify their departments of their intent to submit a dissertation so that the department may initiate the assignment of readers.

  5. Submission Accompaniments

    The following forms must accompany the dissertation manuscript in hard copy at the time of its submission to the Graduate School:

  6. Complete ProQuest Publication Agreement

    Access the ProQuest Publication Agreement online at Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 2014-2015 ProQuest Dissertation Paper Submission Agreement. Students are encouraged to review the entire agreement, but are only required by the Graduate School to print and complete Section III (“Author Options & Signature) and the “Dissertation Submission Form.” The “Copyright Registration” and “Copy Order” forms are optional. Any forms you complete must accompany the dissertation manuscript in hard copy at the time of submission.

    Based on the options you indicate within the publication agreement, your bursar account will be charged as follows. If you are no longer registered, payment may be made by check or money order payable to Yale University at the time of submission.

    • $105 (Binding, microfilm and “traditional publishing”)
    • $200 (Binding, microfilm and “open access publishing”)
    • $160 (Binding, microfilm, “traditional publishing” and copyright registration
    • $255 (Binding, microfilm, “open access publishing” and copyright registration
  7. Delivery of Manuscript and Forms

    The manuscript, forms and publication agreement may be brought to the Registrar's Office (246 Church Street, Rm 317) on weekdays between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

    Or it can be sent via courier to: Yale University Registrar’s Office, Attention: Dissertation Office, 246 Church Street, Rm 317, New Haven, CT 06520. If a telephone contact is required, please indicate 203.432.0461.