Colloquium/Symposium Funding Application

PhD students are eligible to apply for funding to support graduate student-led workshops (colloquia) and conferences (symposia). For colloquia, the maximum award is $500 per term or $1000 for the full academic year; eligible proposals must include a schedule of at least four events per term. For symposia, the maximum award is $1000. Note: The maximum honorarium for a non-Yale speaker from a Dean's Fund award is $200.

To submit an application to the Dean's Fund for Colloquia and Symposia, complete all of the fields on the application form below and upload the required documents in PDF format. Applications must be submitted by the deadlines listed below. Late and/or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Prior to filling out the application, the principal event organizer should be prepared to upload:

  • A detailed proposal describing the event, a preliminary schedule of sessions, a list of potential participants (students and faculty), and information about any outside speakers to be invited (if applicable)
  • An itemized budget of expenses for which you are seeking funding
  • An emailed note of support from a Yale faculty member (this could be your adviser, DGS, or a faculty member who will be participating in the proposed event) 

•    Fall Term Award Deadline: September 15 
•    Spring Term Award Deadline: January 15 
•    Full Academic Year Award Deadline (for full-year colloquia): September 15