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Graduate School Alumni Association Board Meeting

The Graduate School Alumni Association (GSAA) is the alumni leadership board for the Graduate School. The Board meets twice a year in New Haven to support the strategic goals of the Graduate School and to advise the Dean and alumni relations staff on how best to engage Graduate School alumni with Yale.

GSAA Board Membership '23 - '24


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Seeking new GSAA Board Members

Expanding Horizons: GSAA Invites Alumni to Shape the Future of Alumni Engagement

To foster strong alumni connections, the Graduate School Alumni Association (GSAA) extends an invitation to our alumni to play a more active role in shaping the future by joining the GSAA Board. Applications are accepted throughout the year, and usually due by due March 1

GSAA Board Committees

The Alumni to Alumni committee develops and facilitates programs that connect GSAS alums to one another. Programs have included: 

  • Piloted peer mentorship groups focusing on career advancement and personal development. 
  • Hosted virtual networking event in collaboration with YAA’s Careers, Life & Yale. 
  • Outreach to international Yale alumni clubs to help find and connect with GSAS alums.

The Departments committee completed a survey of directors of graduate studies (DGSs) in 2022, and has been connecting with individual departments for conversations about how alums can support work within individual departments. The focus of the Committee’s work is on career development. 


The DEIB Committee collaborates with other Board Committees and Yale organizations in projects that are consistent with the university’s efforts to promote a respectful, accessible and inclusive environment for everyone in the Yale community.  This academic year the DEIB Committee is helping expand the outreach for future Board members in an effort to diversify the Board's membership. They are also planning activities in collaboration with the YAA's Yale Day of Service in May to bring together Yale graduate students and alumni in support of the community in which Yale resides. 


The Students committee has previously organized the GSAA's flagship “Where Do I Go from Yale” conference in partnership with the Yale Alumni Association and GSAS staff. A stand-alone committee for WDIGFY is being developed, and the Student Committee is making plans to partner with the Departments Committee to recruit alums for individual departments to support student professional development. 


"Where Do I Go from Yale?" is an annual event hosted by the Yale Graduate School Alumni Association (GSAA); the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; and the Yale Alumni Association (YAA) Careers, Life, and Yale program. Previous activities have included career panels, discussion groups, and networking. The event taps into the wealth of knowledge and experience of Yale GSAS alums, it is an opportunity to explore career pathways and consider the myriad opportunities available to Yale graduate students.

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Graduate School Alumni Association Board

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