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Resources for Students

At Yale, you will find an extraordinary range of resources to fuel your intellectual and academic passions, and the community and support to help sustain you as you work toward your academic goals. Libraries and labs, working groups, funding sources, mentors and advisers, health and wellness resources, and more -  you will weave all of these together in ways that best fit your own needs and interests during your time as a student here. 

The biggest challenge? Because Yale is a large and complex organization, many of our resources are hidden in plain sight. It may take some work and initiative to find exactly what you are looking for, but in all likelihood, it's here and you'll find it.

Below are a few resources other graduate students have found useful. We provide this as a guide, but it is far from comprehensive. Yale is constantly evolving, and every student who comes here is different. You will follow your own unique path, one that takes you where you want to go. Let's get you started. 

Finances & Fellowships 

Fellowships, stipends, conference travel funding, funding for working groups and symposia, and more: The Office of Financial Aid can answer many of your questions about funding and finances. 

Advising & Mentoring

Faculty members, serving as advisers and mentors, will play a major role in your intellectual and professional development. Seek out and cultivate relationships with formal and informal advisers. 

Teaching Support & Development

Learning to teach is an integral part of doctoral education, and training and teaching opportunities are built into every program at the Graduate School. In general, students at Yale teach significantly less than at many other institutions, but you can still hone the skills to be a great teacher here. 

Writing & Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is critical to your success as a graduate student and beyond. Make good use of the many opportunities at Yale to polish your skills. 

Career Support & Development

No matter what professional path you hope to follow, you will be well-served to start thinking about your career early. Initiate conversations with faculty mentors, advisers, advanced graduate students, alumni, and the staff of our Office of Career Strategy. 

Conduct, Professional Ethics & Reporting Misconduct

Academic integrity and personal conduct, grounded in mutual respect and trust, are core institutional values at Yale. Be sure to familiarize yourself with Yale's policies and standards, and also know where to go if you need support. 

Exchange Programs

We have scholarly exchange agreements with many domestic and international partner schools. Doctoral students can take advantage of these exchanges to take classes or engage in research at a partner school.

Student Life & Community

Life as a graduate student can sometimes feel isolating, but it's not hard to find ways to connect with like-minded fellow students and make new friends, both within and outside of your discipline. GSAS hosts social events year-round to help students take a break from their studies.

Life Skills & Personal Development

Throughout the year, you can develop new skills that will pay dividends for the rest of your life. These include workshops on financial literacy, conflict resolution, implicit bias training, and bystander intervention. 

Health & Wellness

All full-time students have access to health care and mental health services at Yale Health. Additionally, you are welcome to take advantage of graduate wellness programs, dental and vision options, smoking cessation programs, intramural athletics, and more. 

Student Governance

Two vibrant student government organizations for graduate students: the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA), and the Graduate & Professional Student Senate (GPSS).

Student Organizations

Graduate students run dozens of clubs and interest groups. Find one that fits your interests, or register to start a new one.

Housing & Life in New Haven

New Haven is made up of many wonderful neighborhoods. It's a great place to live, work, and study. Learn more about the city we call home, and use these resources to help find a place to live. 

International Student Resources

If you are an international student, you are in good company: approximately half of our graduate students come from outside the United States. Yale has many resources designed specifically for you and your family through the Office of International Students and Scholars. 

Families - Spouses, Partners & Children

If you have a partner or children with you while you're here, there are many ways for them to get involved, feel supported, and be included in your Yale experience. We know that their well-being is important to your success and happiness. 

Other Information Sources

In addition to what we provide on our site, be sure to check out these other great resources for information:

Links to Resource Offices on Campus

Haven't found what you're looking for yet? Here is a sampling of other campus resources: