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Student & Faculty Lunch Programs

The Graduate School has created lunch programs to encourage informal communication between students and faculty. Two programs support mentoring and teaching - Meals for Mentoring [M4M] for students and faculty mentors, and FEAST for Teaching Fellows/PTAIs and their faculty course supervisors. GSAS also offers the chance for students to join Dean Cooley for lunch and informal conversation several times each term. Enrollment takes place once at the start of each term. See details below for each program.

Meals for Mentoring [M4M] 

The Graduate School’s Meals for Mentoring program is a chance for graduate students and mentors to talk about research, coursework, career goals, and personal and professional development over a free lunch.
Students can request two Meals for Mentoring per term, each of which provides one meal for the Graduate School student and one for the faculty member. Individual meal swipes will be loaded onto the student’s Yale ID card and provides a free lunch at one of the following locations:
Unused swipes expire at the end of the term.

FEAST for Teaching 

The Graduate School’s Free Eating Attracts Students & Teachers program (FEAST) allows faculty course supervisors and their teaching fellows or part time acting instructors (PTAIs) to discuss teaching issues over lunch at one of the following locations:
Faculty can use FEAST up to four times each term. Meal swipes will be loaded onto the faculty member’s Yale ID card. Unused swipes expire at the end of the term.

Dine with the Dean

This program offers students the opportunity to meet and have lunch with the Dean of Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. it is a great opportunity for students to ask important questions, seek advice, or express areas of concern directly to the Dean. Students who are selected to attend will be contacted with additional information.