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Career Support & Development

It's never too early to begin thinking about your career.

It's best to start early, even as early as your first year in graduate school. You do not need to know exactly what kind of work you want to do before approaching advisers, mentors, and other experts to discuss your options. Asking questions and taking advantage of Yale's vast resources may save you a great deal of time and alert you to options that you've never considered. 

A broad range of advisers and mentors, both in your discipline and beyond, are here to help you. 

Academic Jobs 

If you choose to pursue an academic career, you will want to rely heavily on the resources within your own program, including your primary adviser, dissertation committee members, Director of Graduate Studies, and in some departments, Placement Officer. Each discipline takes a different approach to the job search, and those in your field will be familiar with the most productive options for you. 

Careers Beyond the Academy

If you are considering a career outside academia, the staff at the Office of Career Strategy (OCS) is ready to help. Their advisers can help you connect with alumni who work in your area of interest, prepare you for interviews, identify employment opportunities, and more. At OCS, you can:  

Additional Professional Development Resources for Students