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Exchange Programs

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers both domestic and international exchange opportunities for doctoral students. Through these reciprocal programs, graduate students can master course content in another language, learn new methodologies to inform their dissertations, visit library archives and collections to expand their research, and exchange ideas with fellow scholars from around the world. 

The two exchange programs include:

Exchange Scholar Program (IvyPlus Exchange Scholar Program)

Doctoral students who have completed their first year of coursework are eligible to participate in the Exchange Scholar Program, also known as the IvyPlus Exchange. Eligible students may register at one of the partner institutions to pursue coursework and/or research for one term or an academic year. Students should consult with their faculty adviser and Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) about their academic progress and funding opportunities before submitting the application.

International Exchange Programs

The Graduate School has established and continues to develop formal exchanges with a number of institutions internationally in cases where there are reciprocal academic benefits for faculty and graduate students. Doctoral students should consult with their faculty adviser and DGS about their academic progress and funding before submitting the application. The full list of current International Exchange Programs can be found in the Graduate School Programs and Policies.

Contact Information

If you are a doctoral student interested in participating in either of the two exchange programs, please contact Assitant Dean Sarah Insley for further information.