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Exchange Scholar Program (IvyPlus Exchange)

The Yale Graduate School participates in the IvyPlus Exchange Scholar Program, which allows our doctoral students to study and conduct research at one of ten participating IvyPlus institutions for a term or an academic year at no additional tuition cost. Doctoral students who have completed their first year of coursework are eligible to participate. Students should consult with their faculty adviser and Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) about their academic progress and funding opportunities before submitting the application. Students accompanying a dissertation adviser who has joined the host school may be permitted to extend the exchange to more than a year's enrollment if all parties are in agreement.

Participating institutions include:

Tuition & Transcripts

IvyPlus Exchange Scholars do not have additional tuition cost while participating in the program. A host institution may charge an application fee or fees for services that are not covered by tuition, such as health and hospitalization charges. It is a student's responsibility to meet such charges. 

Courses taken and research conducted with particular faculty at the host institution is recorded on the academic record maintained by the home institution. Participating students may be required to confirm that transfer of credit with their home institution. 

Application Process & Deadlines

Completed applications must be submitted two months before the enrollment date at the host institution. Please refer to a host institution's academic calendar for relevant dates. 

The IvyPlus Exchange Scholar Program Application is available as a PDF. Please complete the application parts A through C and submit the application to the administrative contact at the home institution for completion of part D. Note that parts E and F are completed by the administrative contact at the host institution. Any extension to an approved exchange enrollment require a separate application form.

Registration Status

Doctoral students wishing to enroll in one course at an IvyPlus institution close to New Haven while still taking classes or conducting research at Yale may remain fully registered at Yale but will still need to complete the IvyPlus Exchange Scholar Program Application. However, doctoral students wishing to study or conduct research full-time at an IvyPlus institution should register in absentia for the term(s) of the exchange by submitting the “Absentia” form, available on the University Registrar's website:

Health Coverage

IvyPlus Exchange Scholars are charged health care coverage, which will remain on their term bill unless these fees are waived by the appropriate deadline. Waiver forms and student rates for Yale students can be found on the Yale Health website. Some host institutions may allow IvyPlus Exchange Scholars to enroll in their health insurance program. Please refer to a host institution's website for relevant information.

Yale doctoral students who register in absentia for the duration of the exchange may receive “Out of Area” coverage through the Travel Rider program offered by Yale Health.

Contact Information

If you are a doctoral student interested in participating the IvyPlus Exchange Scholar Program, please contact Associate Dean Jasmina Besirevic Regan for further information.