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Student Life & Community

While you are at Yale, you will meet friends, colleagues, and mentors through your academic program. There are lots of additional ways to build relationships that will help you thrive as a graduate student. 

Come to the McDougal Graduate Student Center. Get involved in McDougal Graduate Student Life (GSL), meet the staff and student fellows, and participate in the wide range of  events we organize. 

McDougal resources are specifically for students at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), provided through the generous support of the late Alfred McDougal ’53 and his wife Nancy Lauter. Here's information about the History of the McDougal Center

McDougal Graduate Student Life (GSL)

You'll find useful information about life at Yale at these sites:

You can also find a full list of other campus resources on our Resources for Students page. 

Contact Us

McDougal GSL Director Jen Mendelsohn (203-432-2008) is available to address graduate student issues in person, by phone, and by email.