Teaching Fellow Funding

Graduate student teaching at Yale is divided into two funding categories: stipend and non-stipend teaching. 

Stipend Teaching

Only PhD students who are teaching as part of their financial aid package are eligible for stipend teaching and is considered part of your academic or financial requirement. If you have a Teaching Fellowship as part of your financial aid package, you must be in residence and teach in Yale's Teaching Fellow Program in order to receive a stipend in the terms designated by your department to count toward your teaching requirement. Students doing stipend teaching receive a standard departmental stipend, regardless of the level or type of your teaching assignment. The portion of your PhD stipend that represents teaching is subject to federal tax withholding, so you will notice a difference in your paycheck in the terms in which you teach.

Learning to teach is an expectation of all PhD students at Yale, along with completing coursework, taking exams, and writing a dissertation. While the Graduate School does not have an academic teaching requirement for PhDs, many programs do. Teaching done to fulfill an academic teaching requirement will typically meet the requirements of the financial aid package as well. Check with your program for details.

Non-Stipend Teaching

Non-stipend teaching assignments may be offered to GSAS students outside of a PhD financial aid package, or to students enrolled in a Yale professional school. PhD students in the sciences who have completed the teaching offered in their financial aid package may continue to teach for additional pay, i.e., "non-stipend" teaching, if a position is available. PhD students in the humanities and social sciences in years 1-6 (or on a 7th-year COVID extension) are not eligible for non-stipend teaching. Students will be paid at the prevailing rate for a TF10 (up to 10 hours of effort per week) or TF20 (up to 20 hours of effort per week) assignment.  

For the 2024-25 Academic Year, the teaching fellow rates per term are:

  • TF10: $5,535
  • TF20: $11,070

If you are a PhD student no longer receiving financial aid and beyond your sixth year of study, you may teach up to a maximum of three teaching assignments per academic year. International students on a Yale-sponsored visa should consult with the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) before undertaking non-stipend teaching.

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