The Teaching Fellow System for Staff and Faculty

TFS2 records teaching assignments for PhD, professional school, and undergraduate students and provides timely information through embedded rules and validations.

The Teaching Fellow System (TFS) serves as a digital platform that aids FAS departments, various professional schools, and programs in the process of selecting teaching assistants for their courses. It also helps determine the level and type of each assignment.

TFS enables registrars and other administrative staff to: 

  • Allocate Teaching Fellow (TF) and Part-Time Acting Instructor (PTAI) positions
  • Assign students to these positions
  • Process appointment letters
  • Send payment information via Graduate Student Funding system process (GSF) for graduate students, and via Payroll for professional school students
  • Make revisions to allocations and appointments
  • Collect information both for student evaluation of teaching assistants and for GSAS students’ transcripts.