A Warm Welcome to the New Academic Year

A Message from Dean Cooley

September 7, 2023 

Dear Graduate Students,

As we start a new academic year, it is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to both continuing and new students. The Yale community is a vibrant ecosystem where curiosity thrives, collaborations flourish, and a strong sense of community is nurtured. The strength of our community lies not only in academic pursuits but also in the connections and friendships that form here. As you interact with fellow students and faculty, remember that our collective strengths can yield results that are far greater than the sum of individual efforts. Our collaborative endeavors have the potential to reshape paradigms and contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.

In seeking out communities, I encourage you to make full use of the resources offered by the McDougal Offices. The Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity offers resources and fellowship to support students from all backgrounds and experiences as they achieve their intellectual and professional goals. The McDougal Student Life team is dedicated to enhancing your experience outside the classroom, fostering a vibrant campus life that complements your academic pursuits. Our Professional Development office is here to help you refine essential skills, connect with mentors, and prepare for success in academia and beyond. And they work closely with the Office of Career Strategy, which stands ready to assist you in translating your academic achievements into meaningful careers that make a difference in the world.

To facilitate your academic and personal growth, I also would like to draw your attention to our updated advising and mentoring resources and Guide to Advising Processes for Faculty and Students. Our faculty advisers are committed to helping you navigate the academic landscape, ensuring that you make the most of your time here. Whether you're seeking guidance on your research, exploring new opportunities, or considering interdisciplinary paths, both faculty and staff mentors are here to offer insights and support tailored to your unique aspirations. I encourage you also to review your department or program’s specific advising guidelines as needed.

The year ahead promises both challenges and triumphs - I urge you to cultivate your curiosity, embrace the potential of collaboration, and immerse yourselves in the enriching energy of our extraordinary community of scholars and friends.

Warm regards,

Lynn Cooley
Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Vice Provost for Postdoctoral Affairs
C.N.H. Long Professor of Genetics
Professor of Cell Biology and of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology