Yale Club of Philadelphia Summer Research Grants

The Yale Club of Philadelphia provides a grant of up to $2,500 to be awarded on a competitive basis to a qualified student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences who will be engaged in full-time dissertation research and writing during the summer months.


PhD students in any field of the Humanities and Social Sciences who have been admitted to candidacy by the application deadline and have not been in the program for more than six years are eligible to apply. Applicants must demonstrate a personal, academic, or research-related connection with the Philadelphia area (as defined by the Association of Yale Alumni) through their permanent family residence, transcripts from schools they have attended in the area, or by proposing research to be performed in the area.

Selection is at the sole discretion of a committee of scholars in the Philadelphia area who hold a PhD from Yale, with final approval by the Council of the Yale Club of Philadelphia.

Application instructions

Eligible students must apply using the Student Grants Database. Enter “Yale Club of Philadelphia” in the search field to access the fellowship page and application link. To receive consideration, complete applications (including letters of recommendation) must be submitted by April 1 at 1pm.

Required application materials

• A 500-word proposal describing the research and writing to be performed during the tenure of the fellowship and how this will advance the broader goals of the dissertation project overall. Note: the dissertation prospectus is not an acceptable substitute.
• An itemized budget of projected expenses. Note: living expenses that would otherwise be covered by the summer stipend will not be considered for additional funding.
• The name and e-mail address of the Yale faculty adviser who will provide a letter of reference. Students should post this information to the database at least three weeks in advance of the submission deadline to allow the faculty adequate time to provide references. Note: It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all application materials, including the letter of reference, are submitted by the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

Field of study

Humanities and Social Sciences; must have connection to Philadelphia as described above