Dean's Emergency Fund

Developed in consultation with the Graduate Student Assembly, the Dean’s Emergency Fund enables terminal Master’s and PhD students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to continue making academic progress despite unanticipated, extreme financial hardships that cannot be resolved through fellowships, loans, or personal resources. The maximum award for eligible requests is $2,000.


Terminal Master’s and PhD students registered full-time in one of the degree programs of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply for emergency funding. 

The fund does not cover recurring expenses. The following are examples of eligible and ineligible expenses:

Eligible for Emergency FundingIneligible for Emergency Funding
Dental emergency procedures (up to 50% of out-of-pocket cost)Routine dental cleaning and care; orthodontic and/or aesthetic care
Temporary housing for displacement due to fire, flood, or other unforeseen circumstancesNew Haven area rent and/or utilities costs
Travel costs related to an unexpected crisis or death in the immediate familyTravel costs for home visits or other personal travel (including visa fees)
Mandatory relocation due to harassment or Title IX issueMoving expenses for non-mandated moves
Assistance with change of locks and loss due to theftReplacement of old technology (e.g., damaged or nonfunctioning laptops) and research support
Certain out-of-pocket medical expenses due to an unanticipated health issue (Note: students must first work with Yale Health to determine coverage through their student health plan)Recurring expenses, including medical costs not covered by Yale Health and spousal insurance coverage
Costs related to emergency expenses incurred by the applicant or applicant's childrenChildcare expenses; costs incurred by a third party who is not a direct dependent
 Veterinary expenses
 Reimbursement of union dues

Application information

Please use the application link below to submit an emergency fund request. Applicants are asked to provide a brief description of the emergency situation, an itemized budget of the funding requested, and PDF copies of receipts or estimates for anticipated or incurred emergency expenses.

Review process

Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. The review process typically takes between 3-5 business days from application submission. Once completed, the applicant will be notified of the emergency fund committee's decision by email. If approved, funds will then be disbursed in the next available pay period.


Emergency fund awards do not require repayment. However, to replenish the fund and ensure that future students can receive the same benefit, we encourage awardees to consider donating to the fund in the future if their finances allow.

Dean's Emergency Fund Application

Application form
Use the linked application form to submit an emergency fund request.

Contact us

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