Health Award

We provide Yale Health Basic Coverage at no cost to all students (Master's and PhD) who are enrolled at least half-time in degree-seeking programs. You do not need to apply for or waive this coverage. 

In addition to the Basic Coverage, all PhD students registered at least half-time receive a Health Fellowship Award that covers the cost of Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage. PhD students are automatically enrolled in this additional, comprehensive coverage. If you decide to waive Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage, you are not eligible to receive the Health Fellowship Award. 

The Health Fellowship Award also covers the children of PhD students. Dependents must be added to your Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage at Yale Health each term. Please review the Family Support Subsidy page for information on the automatic payment of spousal insurance premiums through the subsidy, if you choose the Yale Health Family Plan for PhD students with children.

You can review comprehensive information about your coverage through Yale Health on their overview of Student Coverage.

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