Tuition and Fees

Tuition for full-time study at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for the academic year 2024-2025 is $49,500.

If you are a PhD student, you receive a fellowship that covers the full cost of tuition through at least your first five years.

If you are a Master's student, you will be responsible for paying tuition, or obtaining funding through your program or from external sources.

More information on Tuition & Fees is available in our Programs & Policies handbook. Please note that we do not charge many of the fees common to other schools (e.g. technology fee, library fee, gym fee, student activities fee).

See Student Accounts for billing and payment inquiries.


  • Full-time study, per term: $24,750
  • Full-time study in IDE, per term: $25,250
  • Half-time study, per term: $12,375
  • Master’s programs, less than half-time per term
    • One-quarter time study, per term: $6,187.50
  • Division of Special Registration (DSR, non-degree study)
    • Coursework, per course, per term (including audited courses): $6,187.50.
    • Visiting Students, per term: $24,750
    • Visiting Assistants in Research, per month: $425


Continuous Registration Fee (CRF), per term: $820

Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage, twelve months: $3,110

  • It is anticipated that tuition will be increased in subsequent years.
  • It is anticipated that the Continuous Registration Fee will be increased in subsequent years.
  • Other fees are subject to change without notice. For fees relating to registration and course enrollment, see Course Enrollment, under Academic Regulations.
  • See Registration Status and Leaves of Absence, under Academic Regulations.
  • Hospitalization fees are for single students. Rates are higher for students needing dependent coverage. Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage includes prescription coverage.

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