Dissertation Completion Status

Dissertation Completion Status (DCS) is a less-than-half time student registration status specifically designed for PhD candidates who:

  • are not eligible for full-time registration (for example, students beyond year six without additional funding), and/or
  • choose to undertake full-time employment, but still intend to complete their PhD under the supervision of a member of the Graduate School faculty. 

DCS allows you to maintain your university access privileges, including netID, electronic library resources, and Yale email account. Students on DCS are charged a Continuous Registration Fee each term. They are not eligible for financial aid. 

Students on Dissertation Completion Status are not eligible to do the following:

  • teach in Yale’s Teaching Fellow Program
  • purchase and enroll in Yale Health student coverage
  • retain Yale student visa sponsorship

Students typically may take up to four terms of DCS, although extensions can be requested with the recommendation of your director of graduate studies. You may request DCS by submitting the Dissertation Completion Status Request Form

Note: If you are a PhD candidate who has completed all of your PhD requirements except the dissertation, the Graduate School does not require you to be registered to submit your dissertation. However, programs are not obligated to accept a dissertation once a student’s full-time registration has lapsed. Please be sure to check with your adviser and DGS, if you are considering submitting your dissertation without being registered full time. 

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