Student Travel Resources

The Graduate School encourages student travel for research and professional development. In some disciplines, research travel is essential to complete the requirements of the degree and you may need to undertake a period of full-time study, research, or fieldwork outside of the New Haven area. Beyond that, travel for conference participation, shorter research trips, and study elsewhere can be invaluable to your professional development, regardless of discipline.

Students have access to an array of resources to support travel for research, study, and professional development. See below for a detailed overview of funding sources, health coverage information, and resources for domestic and international travel.

Registration during academic travel

Registration in Absentia

If you will be based at another location in the US or abroad for your research for a semester or full academic year, you should register in absentia at Yale.

Registration in absentia requires the approval of your director of graduate studies (DGS). If you are considering full-time research and study outside of the New Haven area as part of your degree program, be sure to discuss your plans well in advance with your faculty adviser and your DGS.

Financial support for degree-related travel

PhD Student Summer Funding Resources

The Graduate School offers a number of summer funding awards to support academic activities related to PhD degree requirements. These include competitive research travel fellowships and tuition grants for enrollment in GSAS-sponsored language courses offered in Yale Summer Session.

MacMillan Center International Conference Travel Grants

PhD students may apply for up to $800 to support conference travel to recognized professional domestic or international conferences and academic meetings as a presenter (session chair or discussant). To qualify, your presentation must be on an international topic. The grant will supplement any funds that you may receive from your home department or from the conference, if it provides travel subsidies. The grant is available to PhD students in programs in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, and to select PhD programs in the professional schools that have a humanities or a social sciences dimension.

Conference Travel Fellowship (CTF)

By partnering with the MacMillan Center and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, graduate students with representatives in the Graduate Student Assembly are eligible for annual conference travel funding of up to $800.

Yale Student Grants Database

The Student Grants Database allows you to search for any Yale funding and external fellowships that have a campus application process.

Health Coverage

Options for insurance coverage during a period of research travel depend on whether you will be in the US or abroad. Your Yale student health coverage will remain on your term bill unless these fees are waived by the appropriate deadline. Waiver forms and student rates for Yale students can be found on the Yale Health website

If you are going to be based elsewhere in the US for purposes related to your degree requirements during the academic year, you have the option of enrolling in the Approved Academic Travel Rider program through Yale Health. 

The Yale Health pages on this option contain detailed information about deadlines for applying for the rider, coverage considerations, eligibility, and costs. Please review this information carefully well in advance of your planned travel and make sure that you are aware costs, coverage, and the relevant application deadline, which is firm. 

You must first register in absentia (see above) to be eligible to apply. Only students registered in absentia in the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii, and outside of the Yale Health coverage area in Connecticut) are eligible to enroll.


If you are going abroad for an extended period to pursue research and/or coursework for your degree, you will want to review carefully Yale’s information on health coverage for university affiliates while abroad

In addition, if you are a PhD student traveling for dissertation research, the Graduate School provides a Travel Health Fellowship to cover the cost of required immunizations and prescription drugs at Yale Health. Costs from outside medical services will not be considered for reimbursement. See the Travel Health Fellowship page for more information. 

Resources for Yale students traveling internationally

International Toolkit

The university's toolkit for international travel offers detailed guidance for Yale travelers, including a checklist of essential actions to take before and during your trip.

CIBT Visa Assistance

CIBT Visa Assistance is an optional resource for Yale affiliates who need support applying for international visas.

Student Travel Health Services (Yale Health)

Yale Health offers additional services to students traveling abroad, including travel health consultations and vaccinations. Note that this is not a covered benefit.

PhD Student Travel Health Fellowship

If you are a PhD student traveling for dissertation research, the Graduate School provides a Travel Health Fellowship to cover the cost of required immunizations and prescription drugs at Yale Health.