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Direct Deposit (Payment Elections)

If students are receiving a stipend that is administered by Yale, the Financial Aid Office encourages students to arrange for the direct deposit of their stipend checks to a bank account. Once students have opened a U.S. bank account, they may set up direct deposit using the Yale University Portal. Using a Net ID and passcode, students will log into the Yale Workday site.  The student will then be able to set up direct deposit by selecting Workday and select the Pay worklet and then select Payment Elections.  Students can access their semi-monthly stipend statements by selecting the tab Payslips. Information about W4 and W2 forms is also available at this site.

Students will not be able to set up their direct deposit (Payment Elections) until after the start of the fellowship period or until a payroll record is created. Once a student has established direct deposit, it can take up to two pay periods for the direct deposit to take effect. 

Students who encounter difficulty with the direct deposit process or the on-line view of their stipend statements should contact the Employee Service Center at 203-432-5552 or via e-mail. Neither the Financial Aid Office nor Student Financial Services is able to provide technical support for this system.