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Taxes and Witholding

If you are a U.S. Citizen, taxes will not be withheld from your stipend checks. If you are teaching, are an Assistant in Research or working a job on campus, federal and state taxes will be withheld, depending on your tax liability. Although stipend payments are not reported on a W-2 or any other tax form, stipends are considered reportable income for tax purposes. Taxes are an individual concern and vary from person to person.  


The W-2 form reports income for students who have taught, received a research or project assistantship, or worked a job at Yale.

In mid to early January, the Payroll Office will send to students an e-mail to let them know that the W-2 is available. Students can choose to receive the W-2 electronically. Students who consent to receive the W-2 electronically, can print the W-2 tax document via the Yale portal. The student can log on to the Yale portal at Once logged in, click on My Pay and Info. Then select the tab W-2. Printed copies will be mailed to students who do not consent to receive the W-2 electronically.


Students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents who earned stipend/fellowship monies during the calendar year, will not receive a W-2. To report stipend earnings for tax filing purposes, students can obtain their year-to-date stipend total from the last check of the year. To obtain the Payslip, the student can log on to the Yale portal at: Once logged in, click on My Pay and Info. Then select the tab Payslip. From the pull-down menu, select the last payslip of the calendar year.

Students having difficulty obtaining their tax forms or logging on to the Yale portal, can contact the Employee Service Center via e-mail at: or by telephone at (203) 432-5552. The Employee Service Center can assist in obtaining the necessary documents in cases where students have graduated and/or left Yale who no longer have access to the Yale Portal or who have not provided a valid forwarding Mailing Address. It is strongly recommended that students who have graduated or left Yale, update their Mailing Address in the student system (SIS) prior to graduation. Log on to the student system at: and find your way to Change Address and select the Mailing Address tab.

U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents who have questions on filing a federal return, should visit the Yale tax website at: and select Individual Income Tax Returns.