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Tuition & Living Costs

For the academic year 2018-2019, the tuition for most full-time study programs at the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is $42,100.  Doctoral candidates receive a full tuition fellowship.  Please see the rate schedule for a complete list of all tuition rates in the Current Programs and Policies Bulletin.

The following estimations of the cost of living in New Haven for the 2018-2019 academic year are made available as a general reference for graduate students and used by the Office of Financial Aid to calculate financial need as required by certain funding sources. The figures include room and board, transportation, personal expenses and academic expenses excluding tuition.

These figures also include the cost of hospitalization. Living expenses for doctoral students may be less insofar as they are eligible to receive a health award that covers the full cost of the single-student hospitalization and specialty coverage in the Yale Health Plan, half the cost of two-person coverage for spouses and partners, and the full cost to cover children.

Single Student:       $23,237

12 MONTH LIVING COST (Ph.D. Students):
Single Student:       $29,702

Below is a breakdown of the 9 and 12 month living costs for 2018-19:

Costs 1 Month 9 months 12 months - Ph.D. Students
Housing and Food $ 1,800 $16,200        $21,600
Academic $  160 $ 1,440        $ 1,440
Personal $  195 $ 1,755        $ 2,340
Medical $  267 $ 2,402        $ 2,402
Transportation $  160 $ 1,440        $ 1,920
Total Living Cost $2,582 $23,237        $29,702
Total Tuition   $42,100        $42,100
Cost of Education   $65,337        $71,802