GSAS Professional Experience (GPE) Fellowship

The GSAS Professional Experience (GPE) Fellowship is designed to expand opportunities for PhD students to strengthen their professional skills and broaden career exposure by working with experienced administrators outside of their academic programs. Host offices across Yale take advantage of the diverse array of skills that PhD students offer to advance their programming and projects.

Why Do a GPE Fellowship?

The fellowship experience advances your professional development and career awareness, whether you are pursuing a career inside or outside of the academy. You will gain exposure to academic administration, as well as many professional roles typical of organizations outside of academia. You will work closely with a host mentor as you develop skills in strategic planning, research, project management, program design, communications, and data analysis. 

Fellowship Terms

  • Eligibility: Fellows must be currently registered Yale doctoral students in years 2-6 of their studies during the fellowship. 7th-year students with COVID-related funding extensions from GSAS are eligible to apply.
  • Term: Fellows work at a Yale host organization under the guidance of the host mentor for 5-7 hours per week over the course of 13-15 weeks during the semester.
  • Stipend: Fellows receive $1500. International students should consult with their OISS advisor to confirm eligibility.
  • Please note: The GPE Fellowship does not count towards the fulfillment of your teaching requirement.  For more information on teaching requirements, please refer to information about the Teaching Fellow Program.

To apply for a GPE Fellow position: Submit an updated resume and cover letter to with the subject header “[Name of Fellow position]” by December 3 at 11:59 pm.  

Below are the openings for Spring 2024. Students may apply for up to 3 positions per semester.

  • Department of Psychiatry Antiracism Task Force Qualitative Assessment [PDF]
  • MacMillan Center Climate Forum Program Manager [PDF]
  • Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning & Beinecke Library [PDF]
  • The Yale Review Communications & Content Strategy Fellow [PDF]
  • Yale Office of Sustainability Travel Research Fellow [PDF]
  • Yale Summer Session Online Education Fellow [PDF]
  • Yale University Library Accessibility Initiatives Fellow [PDF]
  • Office of Institutional Equity, Accessibility, and Belonging Fellow [PDF]
  • Office of International Affairs Research and Communications Fellow [PDF]
  • Restorative Practices at Yale Fellow [PDF]
  • Student Accessibility Services Historical Research Fellow [PDF]
  • Tsai CITY Impact Measurement Strategy Fellow [PDF]
  • Tsai CITY Artificial Intelligence Fellow [PDF]
  • Tsai CITY Strategic Initiatives Fellow [PDF]
  • Yale University Library Scholarly Communications Fellow [PDF]
  • Yale Program to Advance Training in health and Sciences (PATHS) Fellow [PDF]
  • Yale University Press Art Book Acquisitions Fellow [PDF]
  • Yale University Press Art Books Editorial Fellow [PDF]
  • Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Fellow [PDF]
  • Yale Housing Fellow [PDF]